Monday, October 29, 2007


Yanks For The Memories

Any fleeting sense of triumphalism I might that my Mattingly post appears to have had the desired result, is gone with the crushing realization that the New York Yankees may be in for some several frustrating years. The team's most successful manager of the last half-century is gone; the hated Red Sox have won their second World Series in four years (with a great mix of young talent and -- and their best player has decided to opt out of his contract.

Knowing A-Rod, he'll probably try to sign with the Sox. Of course, given that each team he's joined has arguably gotten worse, that may be a preferred development for the Yankees.

Still, with the Boss in ailing health, his sons seemingly behind the Torre putsch and the leadership of the team becoming a Hydra-headed monster, the beginning of the 21st century is looking a lot like the start of the 20th: Boston ascendant and New York struggling to find an identity.

UPDATE: The Yankees officially make an offer to Joe Girardi. The "curse" seems to have been avoided.

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