Monday, November 19, 2007


Right Says Fred

After a lethargic start following an extended "preliminary" round, is Fred Thompson finally getting his sealegs? It just might be.

Some promising developments observed by National Review: Last week, the editors cite his clear views on Social Security, immigration and military size. And, today, Larry Kudlow shares his impressions from a recent televised interview with Thompson's on economic and fiscal issues. Most importantly (for campaign purposes), Kudlow describes Thompson's style as "energetic and forceful...more animated than I’ve seen him, and definitely a different person than the one I interviewed six months ago." (Kudlow, by the way, hasn't endorsed anyone. He also had a positive column on Giuliani last week as well.)

While Romney and Giuliani are the respective early-state and national front-runners, it may still be a bit early to count Thompson out yet.

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