Friday, November 16, 2007


Triple Play

All about baseball -- even though the World Series ended two weeks ago!

1) Bonds In The Dock. As Filip Bondy points out, "It's always the cover-up that gets them." Ironically, Bonds would have made it to the Hall of Fame before his plunge into Steroid World in 2000. Now, it is far likelier that he will be, like Pete Rose, be walking in baseball limbo -- when he's not in jail.

2) A-Rod returns. Whether this cause for curses or celebration in the Bronx won't be known for many years. It's also interesting to note that despite all the recriminations against A-Rod for opting out of his previous contract, the numbers that are bandying about -- especially talk of a bonus if he breaks the all-time home run mark (with or without steroids is un-'clear') -- are pretty close to the 10-year/$300 million goal that Rodirguez and his agent Scott Boras were throwing around at the beginning of the season.

3) After everything that has bedeviled Eliot Spitzer in recent days, weeks and months, is it really smart to be seen going after Derek Jeter for tax evasion? Yeah, yeah, the state might be right on the law, but it still seems politically dumb.

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