Sunday, November 18, 2007


Who's The Mannix? Where's The Mannix?

Great Washington Post article on the lack of a DVD collection of the great 70's private-eye show "Mannix."

While the piece touches on what made Mike Connors such a cool, punch-'em-in-the-face, character, the most poignant part centers on Gail Fisher, the lovely actress who played Mannix's secretary Peggy. Along with other trailblazers such as
Diahann "Julia" Carroll and Nichelle "Uhura" Nichols, she opend the door for many African American actresses -- and fired up the hormones of more than a few young men of various backgrounds.

As the article notes, she died last year, after bouts with drugs, diabetes and emphysema -- sadly forgotten by most of the entertainment community.

Aside from the show's many other pleasures, allowing younger generations to catch a glimpse of Gail Fisher, is as good a reason as any to release an official "Mannix" DVD collection.

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