Friday, December 07, 2007



While Democrats are outraged (as they should be) over the news that the CIA destroyed videotapes of a detainee interrogation (and kept their existence secret even in the face of court and 911 Commission orders), what is most interesting is the general consensus around the blogosphere that this a truly serious infraction that may (stress may) reach criminal behavior (i.e. obstruction of justice).

Conservatives are not giving the CIA a pass on this. Ed Morrissey assesses the issue. My hunch is that this is one of those scandals tailor-made for dumping all the blame on the previous guy (in this case, that would be Porter Goss). I disagree with Ed in one respect, however: The fact that video may have shown the interrogators face provides not even the slightest excuse for destroying the tapes. There is something called pixillation (the same technical process that blurs "naughty bits" on network TV if a nude person shows up in a news show) that could have hidden their faces.

Well, add one more thing for the chattering class to attack this weekend (along with Romney, Oprah/Obama, the NIE, etc.).

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