Friday, December 21, 2007


Comeback Kid?

We speculated about this possibility not too long ago. Well, it looks like, in this most crazy Republican primary season, the guy given up for dead months ago may actually be alive. Josh Marshall doesn't have the greatest insight into GOP sensibilities, but I think his take on what may be happening sounds about right. Romney,Rudy and Huckabee all have serious liabilities in a general election. McCain, on the other hand, has proven crossover appeal.

The issue that cost him the most among Democrats and independents -- his unswerving support of the Iraq War -- may now recede given the better news coming from the war zone.

One major caveat: Polling in a caucus state is notoriously unpredictable. McCain has next to nothing of an organization in Iowa and caucus politics is very much hands-on, work-your-neighbor operation. It may be the case that Iowa minds are opening to the possibility of McCain, but will those people go out and try to bring as many of their friends and family members into t he caucus room and get them to vote for McCain?

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