Friday, December 28, 2007


A Life Less Bhutto-ful

Amir Taheri mourns the loss of "one of the few political leaders who could have helped it unite against terrorism."

A non-mourning Ralph Peters says, "She may serve Pakistan better after her death than she did in life."

Meanwhile, given that there is controversy on how Bhutto died, figuring out exactly who was behind the assassination is going to take quite a while. It's easy to say that Musharraf is "responsible" -- which, given that he is a military dictator who should be in charge of security, is a reasonable argument. But that doesn't mean that he ordered the murder -- or even wanted it to occur. At this point, a chaotic Pakistan where he is forced to reinstate martial law (after losing international support when he did the same thing a few months ago) seems hardly in his best interests.

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