Thursday, December 20, 2007


Mitt's White Lie

Remember after Mitt Romney's big speech on faith two weeks ago, I questioned whether the line, "I saw my father walking with Martin Luther King," would actually cause people to re-examine the racist issues in Mormonism? That happened to a certain extent -- Tim Russert brought it up on Meet The Press last week. However, now it seems there's a greater problem: Evidence that it never happened -- that George Romney and King never walked together.

And then, finally, an admission that, well, he made it up.

Geez, there's always a bit of stretching going on in politics, but to put something like this in Romney's big speech where he talks about the centrality of faith in his life and in America is stunning in its audacity.

There you go -- a book title, "The Audacity of Hype."

And, yes, the fact that Mitt lied stretched the truth on a part of the speech that was implicityly dealing with race will revive all of those racial issues again. As well it should.

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