Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Bye, Bye, John

MSNBC reports John Edwards will drop out today. So, this sets up Super Tuesday as a two-person race on the Democratic side and a 2.5-person race on the GOP side (McCain/Romney plus Huckabee having a regional impact).

The question now comes whether Obama gets Edwards' "change" vote or, frankly, whether Hillary Clinton benefits (especially in Southern contests) from Edwards' white (especially white male) vote.

Finally, the Big Four left are all "first" candidates of some sort or another: Hillary Clinton would be the first woman president; Obama would be the first African-American; Romney the first Mormon -- and McCain would be the oldest person elected to his first term.

Some ceiling is going to be broken this year.

UPDATE: Giuliani and Edwards both gone within 12 hours? Geez, talk about a late Christmas present for RAGGED THOTS!

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