Friday, January 18, 2008


DeLay of Game

John McCain is by no means a perfect person or perfect person candidate. He's been on the wrong side of a couple of issues. But he's responsible for "betraying" the conservative movement?


Ask anyone who might have been paying attention back in 2006 what they thought were the main reasons why Republicans lost the House and Senate. Yes, the Iraq War was part of it. But so too was Republican overspending -- and rampant corruption (particularly in the House). What role did John McCain play in any of that? On the contrary, he was the one always decrying the GOP's profligacy.t

Conversely, how much did the legal troubles of
The Indicted Hammer (AKA former majority leader) contribute to the ethical cloud that hovered -- continues to hover? -- over Republicans?

And this man -- now running a brand new operation called the Coalition for a Conservative Majority and
whose former aides almost single-handedly helped spread the Jack Abramoff corruption infection throughout the party -- has the nerve to accuse John McCain of "betraying" conservatism?

Pathetic doesn't quite describe this.

Tom DeLay isn't qualified to pass moral judgment on anyone -- and certainly not John McCain.

UPDATE: First sentence now corrected.

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