Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Grey Lady vs. Bloomberg

Apparently, it just struck The New York Times that an independent run by Michael Bloomberg could hurt the Democratic nominee more than the Republican. And so, the paper seems to be going all out to, ahem, gently dissuade, the mayor from jumping into the race. On Sunday, a story appeared underscoring Bloomberg's Democrat ties and positions.

Then, today, we see a story about how the rise of Obama
"deflates...talk of a Bloomberg run".

Yes, objectively, Obama's message of "change" and trying to rise "above partisanship" certainly does eat into some of Bloomberg's appeal (as would a McCain candidacy on the Republican side), however TWO Times stories in three days trying to throw cold water on "independent" Michael Bloomberg.

Quite a coincidence. (Geez, if the Times was so concerned about this, they should have checked
here 18 months ago, when this blog noted that a Bloomberg run "could spell complete disaster" for the Democrats.)

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