Sunday, January 20, 2008


Holy S#*%!!!

The New York Giants are going to the Super Bowl!!!

After the Giants own missteps combined with at least three "I thought it was the NBA refs who were fixing games" questionable penalties, it looked like Coughlin's not letting the offense get another ten yards as time ran out in regulation was going to be the final straw and cost the Giants the game (Following a bad snap, Tynes missed the 37-yeard field goal).

Two friends and I watched the game a bar in Hell's KItchen (Manhattan 38th-48th Sts/7th -10th Aves). The reaction of nearly everyone in the place when the Giants brought the field goal unit on 4th down-and-5 in overtime at the 30 was, "WTF is Coughlin doing!?!?!??" We were all in shock. Then Tynes hit it. (We thought the Giants should have gone for the first down).

The Blue Men did it -- in all phases of the game:

For the third consecutive time in the playoffs, Eli (Peyton who?) Manning was the best quarterback on the field.

The Giants defense completely shut down the Packers running game.

The G-Men held the ball for an insane 18 more minutes than Green Bay.

Plaxico Buress had the game of his life, leaving All-Pro corner Al Harris gasping for air.

Though the weather was the big story before the game, it didn't play that much of a factor after kick-off -- at least for the Giants. Yes, it was cold, but that was it. There wasn't any of the crazy winds that bothered Eli Manning and the Giants in the December Redskins loss or the snow in the Bills game they won.

One question: Didn't anyone on the Giants sideline think to suggest to Tom Coughlin that he put some covering on his face? He looked like he was about to collapse from frostbite several times.
Bring on the Pats!!!

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