Sunday, January 13, 2008


Separating the Manning From The 'Boys


Who'd a thunk that the Manning brother going to Conference Championship Weekend would be Eli -- and not Peyton?

Who'd a thunk Eli (0 INTs) would outplay Peyton (2 INTs)?

Who'd a thunk that the two often-maligned QBs (Eli and Philip Rivers) traded for one another on draft day two years ago -- would make Conference Championship games on the same afternoon?

Who'd a thunk when the pressure was most intense, Eli Manning would outplay Tony Romo?

Who'd a thunk the New York FOOTBALL Giants would win 9 consecutive games on the road?

Who'd a thunk that the Dallas Cowboys would be the first NFC Number One seed to lose during the divisional round since the current playoff format was adopted in 1990? Record of all Number Ones before Sunday? 17-0.

And, oh yeah, it's now 12 years and counting since the Cowboys last won a playoff game.


UPDATE: Modified to reflect that the Cowboys are the first NFC Number One seed to lose in the divisional round. The Chiefs and the Colts, to name two, have been upset as Number One seeds in the AFC first round.

UPDATE II: Who'd a thunk that Terrell Owens (whom an ESPN analyst described today as someone who, "has destroyed the careers of more quarterbacks than Michael Strahan") would shed tears over the media treatment of Tony Romo? I'm guessing that no one had the heart to tell T.O. that the New Hampshire primary was already over -- that he had no chance to see if his "emotional moment" might elicit him a few write-in votes?

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