Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hillarly Won, But...

He got the line of the night with the "driving the bus into the ditch" quote.

On basic points, however, she scored very well. He agreed with her on several foreign policy issues. She forced him into a very rare public flub -- that he hadn't held one congressional hearing on Afghanistan in the year that he had been running a sub-committee. Don't be surprised if the Hillary people hammer him on that point in the next few days. That's a concret example she can point to on the "words vs. actions" line.

She sounded knowledgeable on a whole host of issues and very forceful and aggressive defending her signature issue, health care. She pushed him successfully on the Farrakhan question. He didn't seem too comfortable dealing with that issue and was willing to quickly get out of it.

She, however, sounded incredibly petty with the "Why do I get all the first questions?...Saturday Night Live..." And she still sounded cagey on the tax returns question.

Based on this debate, I wouldn't be surprised if she stopped her slide in Ohio and ended up winning the state. I'm not sure though whether this gets her the Texas win she needs just as much.

UPDATE: Full transcript is here. Gluttons for punishment can view the whole thing here.

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