Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Michael Strahan, Political Comic

This will undoubtedly be the last football-related post at the site for a while (at least from me). I just couldn't let this little nugget pass. It's from the Giants post-parade victory rally at the Meadlowands on Tuesday:

Strahan brought the house down when he did a Howard Dean imitation recounting
the Giants' amazing string of road wins that led to the Super Bowl.
"We went to Tampa, we went to Dallas, we went to Green Bay, we went to Arizona," Strahan yelled. "Aaaaahgh."
Sorry, but you don't usually find this sort of politically-aware wit in your average football player (forgive me if I'm trading in stereotypes). For that matter, how many non-political geeks remember the Dean Scream? Guess that means Strahan is a political junkie, something of which I was not previously aware. Anyway, this little riff makes me want even more for him to return next year -- or at least have him signed up for "Hardball"!

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