Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Super Tuesday Madness

Well, as we said one month ago, "Anyone who thinks they know how the presidential nominating process is going to play out is full of sh**." Super Tuesday is producing more than a few surprises.

Barack Obama is looking strong in Hillary Clinton's backyard, both Connecticut and New Jersey. He destroyed Clinton in Georgia. Serious warning sign for Sen. Clinton: Obama got 43 percent of the white vote in the Peach State. If he replicates that elsewhere, he has a very good chance of becoming the Democratic nominee. In addition to Georgia, networks have called Illinois (natch!) for Obama and Oklahoma and Tennessee for Clinton.
Meanwhile, on the Republican side -- surprise! Mike Huckabee isn't dead yet. He won the
West Virginia caucus with some wheeler-dealing with John McCain (an alliance that may yet come back to bite McCain in the butt). Georgia is currently too close to call. Huckabee is doing very well in in the south -- belying Romney's claim that he's only a spoiler. Indeed, the Huck-man could win five states -- which explains why he decided to be the third man who stayed in the race (in contrast to John Edwards on the Democratic side).

These are 6:00 PM
GOP exit polls. These are the 6:00 PM Democratic polls.

UPDATE: So much for the exit polls. Fox calls Hillary a winner in New Jersey.

UPDATE II: Networks call New York and, oh yes, Massachusetts handily for Hillary. That Kennedy "magic" works again! Yeah, I called that big endorsement a mistake -- and I meant it! Meanwhile, CNN projects Alabama for Obama (who also takes Delaware -- on Fox, Juan Williams had to explain to a puzzled Brit Hume that Delaware has the 8th highest black percentage in the country). McCain wins Delaware, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut and New York.

UPDATE III: And here's something that must warm the hearts of Mitt Romney supporters: John McCain's home state of Arizona is too close to call on the Republican side (9:40 -- the polls have been closed for 40 minutes). All other "home" states for individual candidates were called by networks within minutes of poll closings (including "both" of Hillary's adopted home states -- Arkansas and New York).

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