Monday, March 31, 2008


Batter Up!

Ah, chill in the air or otherwise, Opening Day in Major League Baseball is finally here!

Sorry, Sawx fans, but the two-game interlude last week in Japan doesn't count (yes, the Japanese like the sport, but baseball is still our national pastime).

Sorry, Nationals fans, but your nice debut in your new stadium last night doesn't count (a one-game series!?!? And, besides, DC isn't a state, right?).

But, today is the real day. An historic season as the New York Yankees open one last season in the classic Yankee stadium, against the Toronto Blue Jays, before moving across the street for a new park in '09. The Mets open on the road in Florida (before beginning their final season at Shea Stadium next week). Fading into the past are last season's disappointing end for both Big Apple teams and a tumultuous off-season -- especially for the Bronx Bombers, who endured a change in managers for the first time in twelve years and had to deal with the Mitchell Report's information on the Yankees' role in the Steroid Era.

Nope, today spring officially begins; change and hope (not the Obama variety) are in the air and all things are possible!

Baseball is back!

Play ball!

UPDATE: Or don't play. Ya win some; ya lose some -- and some get rained out. Let's hope the weather is better in Florida!

UPDATE II: And, yes, the weather is better. And Johan Santana was great: The Mets win!

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