Friday, March 21, 2008


Does B.O. Beat FOX?


Maybe this explains this? Last Sunday, Chris Wallace launched an "Obama Watch," counting how many hours it had been since Obama ostensibly promised that he would appear on Fox News Sunday.

Wallace's reaction on "Fox & Friends" to what he deems "Obama-bashing" may reflect a fear on his part that any small shot he had at getting Obama might be slipping away. And, the ratings suggest that -- media swooning over the man aside -- viewers like tuning in to see and hear Obama. Through most of the campaign season, Democratic debates have been getting higher ratings. The one-on-one showdowns betwen Clinton and Obama have been the highest rated on CNN, MSNBC and ABC (the pre-New Hampshire debate with John Edwards) when they've aired.

Thus, the Democrats decision to boycott FNC for debates has hurt during a highly political year. Obama's solo tour suggests that, frankly, he is the attraction --not just the opportunity to see another Obama-Clinton debate.

"Fox News Sunday" needs an Obama appearance -- if only to boost it's ratings. And if he has to chastise his cable brethren to do it, he will.

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