Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hillary Wrights A Wrong With The Right

Considering one version of this has been viewed on YouTube a million times, you may already have seen this CBS news clip completely destroying Hillary Clinton's "I visited Bosnia under sniper fire line." Still, it is a good one. Perhaps the most devastating part is the reporter's un-subtle line, "That's Sen. Clinton talking to me on the military flight into Tuzla and these are the pictures we recorded of the greeting ceremony when the plane landed." The entire report just drips with sarcasm:

So after being forced to
eat her words following the airing of this clip, what else can she do? Bring up the Jeremiah Wright controversy, by saying that she would have left the pastor had she been in that situation. (Hmmm...Michelle Obama could say that she would have left Barack if he had cheated on her, but in the words of Richard Nixon, "it would be wrong.")

But exactly where did Hillary first get to respond to an interview on Rev. Wright? Well, at the offices of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, owned by Mr. Richard Mellon Scaife, arch-enemy of the Clintons during the '90s! Understand the implications of this. Scaife isn't just an ordinary conservative publisher. He funded and published stories that essentially surmised
that Vince Foster was murdered. Yes, Hillary Clinton's former law partner (and lover, in many conspiracy theories). As NRO said, hell has officially frozen over.

Guess this must be part of the so-called "
Tonya Harding Option." To slightly disagree with Jake Tapper though -- in the scenario he sketches out in the end, I think Al Gore would be the most likely to emerge as Oksana Baiul (read the whole thing and you'll get the meaning).

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