Sunday, April 20, 2008


God & Man at The Stadium

My colleague (and much better Catholic) John Wilson scored tickets to the big "game" today at Yankee Stadium.

The Bombers aren't in town, but a Cardinal is "pitching." (Though based on the early season, Yankee starters could use some divine inspiration.)

Concert at noon. Mass starts at 2:30. For now, we are trapped in a never-ending line.

Oh, was at NY ComicCon on Saturday. Pictures of both events will be posted later.

Will try live blog until service begins -- depending on Blogger/Treo technical issues.

UPDATE (8:00 PM): Well, obviously, the live blogging didn't work. But here are some nice artifacts of a rather memorable day:

Yep, this would appear to be the train to Yankee Stadium.

Ronan Tynan performs as part of the "Concert of Hope" before Mass.

Hey, not even a man of the cloth can depend on divine guidance for everything.

Yours truly awaiting the big event.

Jose Feliciano entertains the crowd with, among other tunes, Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA".

Jose on the big screen.

A dance of dove ends the concert and prepares everyone for the start of service.

Mass begins...

Benedict addresses his flock.

One of the lucky few to get communion from The Pope.

How do you serve communion to nearly 60,000 worshippers -- in about 20 minutes? You have about 200 priests spread out to nearly every stadium entranceway. Very efficiently done.

"Il Papa" takes a trip around the stadium and gives a farewell wave:

If I can get a technical problem fixed, look for some video a bit later on.

UPDATE II: Here are more pics from Sunday.

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