Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Deja Vu All Over Again

Hmmmm....Politico breaks yet another huge scoop, "GOP fails to recruit minorities".

Without a doubt, this one's up there with the Watergate break-in in terms of a groundbreaking exclusive!

Though I swear I might have read this story in, oh, say, 1998 or maybe 2000...2002... 2004...2006. Actually, not 2006, because the party did have Ken Blackwell running for governor in Ohio and Michael Steele for Senate in Maryland. Blackwell was slaughtered in a double anti-Republican wave (incompetence and corruption with the national party; corruption with the state GOP); plus, if one accepts the viewpoint of sometime Thots contributer, Madscribe, some of the inherent racism that lingers in the state. Steele might have won in Maryland if not for the national anti-Republican trend.

Anyway, as far as the rest, when it comes to the Republican Party and "recruitment" of minorities":

Been there. Done that. Read the book. Saw the movie. Played the video game. (Actually, I thinkI starred in the movie at one point -- or maybe it was a straight to DVD production...)

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