Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Denver Beckons; GOP Woes

The "race" may be "over", but the nomination fight is just beginning. Hillary Clinton's "thumpin'" of Barack Obama in West Virginia last night means that she won't drop out after next week's Kentucky and Oregon fights (which the two of them will split, but she is likelier to run up a WV-type margin in Kentucky, while Obama may win Oregon "only" by 10 or so points)...or after Puerto Rico on June 3rd. HRC will take the fight all the way to the convention floor in August in Denver, where either she, Obama -- or, yeah, Al Gore could come out as the Democratic nominee.

As disastrous as this scenario undoubtedly could turn out to be for the Democrats, the Mississippi special election has got to give Republicans serious intestinal anxiety (if you get my meaning). That means they are now a lovely 0-3 in special elections this year, losing long-held GOP seats in Illinois, Louisiana and now Mississippi. These results suggest that, despite how unpopular Nancy Pelosi's Democratic House may be, the "R"-brand (still typefied by an historically unpopular current president) is still woefully damaged. John McCain, using his own unique sensibility may ride that out (though the odds are heavily against him. But this gives Democrats amazing momentum in just about all congressional races.

UPDATE: Recriminations aplenty among House Republicans.

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