Wednesday, May 07, 2008



Well, my long-standing prediction -- that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee -- may have finally collapsed. Barack Obama -- the Muhammad Ali of politics (floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee) -- clobbered HRC in North Carolina and (as of 12:21 AM) has reduced her lead in Indiana to the tightest of margins.

Obama's NC win completely wiped out HRC's popular vote gains from Pennsylvania. The vote is still coming in from Lake County, Indiana and the best she can hope for is a one or two percent win.

I still maintain that one never counts a Clinton out until they're completely and totally out (cue final scene in Fatal Attraction). But with news that Hillary cancelled her morning news show appearances and Tim Russert reporting that the Obama campaign is starting to make tentative conversations about vetting potential running mates, the writing is clearly on the wall.

Still, we are concluding one of the most bizarre ten year cycles in American history (impeachment, 2000 election, a First Lady elected to the Senate, 9/11, Iraq, etc.) and nothing should be taken fo granted.

UPDATE: CNN finally calls Indiana for Hillary Clinton, by barely 23,000 votes.
CORRECTION: Update edited to reflect correct margin and description of HRC's win.

UPDATE II: Shortly after I made the above Muhammad Ali allusion to Obama, Tom Edsall posted the following over at The Huffington Post:
In the universe of political clich├ęs, she is on life support, her oxygen choked off, her knees buckling, unable to stanch the bleeding, down for an eight count, on the ropes, praying for the bell to ring, desperate to get her wind back.

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