Friday, May 16, 2008


Thanks, George

John Edwards' enorsement must have been nice, but George W. Bush's broadside from the pulpit of the Knesset truly made Barack Obama's week.

Bush's "appeasement" statement helped add one smore stake in Hillary Clinton's campaign -- by pushing her even further off the front page and preventing much more media scrutiny of her impressive West Virginia. Instead, Bush helped identify Obama as, essentially, the new head of the Democrats. In turn, that gave
Obama all the opening he needed to further hang Mr. 27-percent approval around McCain's neck. This is just the sort of fight Obama must have been praying for.

Even more, Bush did something that none of the Democratic primaries and caucuses have managed to to do: Unite them. Even Hillary rushed out to "defend" her rival against the president's words (and make sure she didn't get left out of the news cycle). Considering the communal headache Republicans got this week from losing the Mississippi seat, Bush's decision to jump feet first into the 2008 campaign may not exactly be met with universal acclaim from his party brethren.

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