Saturday, June 07, 2008


The Lady Steps Aside

It couldn't have been easy for Hillary Clinton. She has expended a lifetime of ambition to reach a certain goal. So far, she has fallen short, to a younger, faster blacker version of the man she joined in the White House 16 years ago.

But, today, she stepped aside with a rather magnanimous speech. Yes, there seemed a bit more about her -- and women -- than I might have liked. But, I'm not a woman -- or a Democrat -- and I can't well judge what is an appropriate endorsement address for a hardfought Democratic primary campaign. However, I thought she came across as genuine and rather warm. While not happy that the campaign came to this point, she seemed to be enjoying this last moment.

I thought she also did something rather grand by rhetorically embracing Bill Clinton, both as her husband and as one of the three post-Kennedy Democrats in the White House. She did this -- even as some of his outbursts on the trail may have cost her crucial votes and her reputation.

She sounded like she was earnestly trying to hand the baton to Barack Obama.

Will her supporters accept it? It may take awhile -- Obama has his own work to do -- but I thought Hillary did her part of the job fairly well today.


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