Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Lighten Up...Please?

Josh Marshall is upset about seeming GOP racial insensitivity:

06.17.08 -- 2:58PM // link recommend (34)

Republican Outreach

Button on sale at the Texas GOP state convention this weekend.

Late Update: Our reporter-bloggers at Election Central got in touch
with the folks at the Texas GOP. And they say they
know anything about it
, would have prevented it from being sold if they had.

--Josh Marshall

Oh, stop it!!! Josh is a friend of mine, but this is why liberals get the reputation of not having a sense of humor. This is not offensive. Repeat, this is not offensive. It. Is. Funny. You know how I know? I've used the same joke myself and gotten laughs. And, no, it's not one of those, it's-only-funny-if-a-black-person-says-it. It's just funny.

Calling Michelle Obama "Barack's Baby Mamma"? Yeah, that's offensive.

Making a "White House" joke, hardly. For the record, I also said that African-Americans would no longer be able to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, "the Blame-Whitey House" either.

Um, that one, you might want to stay away from.

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