Wednesday, June 11, 2008


More Dowdy Times Writing

Jack and Jill catches Maureen Dowd once again having it both ways -- getting ugly rumors into the mainstream, by blaming others for spreading the rumors! While I thank the J&J crew for pointing out that it was conservatives -- including yours truly -- who debunked the "whitey" rumour, I should stress one thing. In fact, I should have made this clearer in my original post: With the exception of the first Kitty Dukakis-burning-the-flag story, my experience with this urban legend is that it rarely went further than conservative circles.

In other words, there was always this internal whisper that that picture/video was "out there." I can't recall whether these urban legends ever got much traction beyond the right's inner conversations. Again, the first one involving Kitty Dukakis is a major exception. Indeed, it may well have been that experience from that incident prevented subsequent ones from spreading much further.

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