Monday, June 16, 2008


Obama's Father's Day Message

Barack Obama gave an important sermon Sunday, one that many black fathers -- including, frankly, my own -- need to hear. The cynical among us -- including the anchor in the embedded introductory video set-up piece -- can focus on this as a socially conservative "Sister Souljah"-ing of an issue. Who knows? Who cares?

The fact is, this is a message that needs to be heard. There is a significant segment in this country that didn't grow up with the stereotypical dad tossing the football in the backyard, teaching them to drive -- or, broadly speaking, teaching them to be a man. The America of "Father Knows Best" or "The Cosby Show" didn't resonate with them. The far-reaching effects can be seen in poor performance in schools -- and a huge prison population.

Whether this is political or not -- and considering an absentee father inspired his first book, I don't think it was -- Obama recognizes that he has a bully pulpit now and he's using it.

Bully for him.

The full address is here:

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