Thursday, July 31, 2008


Manny Goes Hollywood

Not a bad week for Yankee fans: Bombers get Xavier Nady and reliever Damaso Marte from Pittsburgh for next-to-nothing. Pudge Rodriguez comes in as a more-than-adequate fill-in for Jorge Posada (bonus: Kyle Farnsworth leaves town in the bargain). And now, Manny Ramirez gets to take his tired act out West!

Manny gets to be Manny in Hollywood! Joe Torre should have much fun.

By the way, all those people who complain about the Yankees free-spending ways: please note that the Red Sox are paying all of Manny's remaining salary this season just to get rid of him! Once upon a time, the MLB commissioner would have blocked a trade that relied so much on cash exchanging hands. Not anymore.

P.S. Mets fans should be happy as well. Most reports today had Ramirez going to the Florida Marlins -- who are right behind the Mets in the National League East (and just knocked the Amazin's out of first place by taking two of three).

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