Thursday, July 03, 2008


Rodriguez Opts Out Of Contract...

If by "Rodriguez", one understands it to mean "Cynthia" and by "contract", one means marriage "until death do us part":

Smartest move by C-Rod was the timing: Don't dump the guy
last year as he was dragging some blonde floozy around the leagues. Instead, suffer in silence (though you may give the world an un-subtle hint how you really feel); then, wait until he signs humungous $300 million contract during the off-season. Oh, and have a second child too.

Then, in the middle of a media frenzy sparked by his
alleged horizontal vogueing with a certain middle-aged pop star (who has a history with New York sports stars), you drop the big bomb: You're leaving him -- and fly off to Paris for some R&R from "just a friend," Lenny Kravitz (wh0 had a fling some years back with the same aforementioned middle-aged pop star)!

Such audacity! It's almost like, um, announcing
in the middle of a World Series game that you're opting out of your Yankee baseball contract!

Revenge, as they say, is a dish best served cold.


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