Thursday, July 24, 2008


Thursday Shorts...

Early A.M. responsibilities at the day job have been intruding on my blog updating of late. Thus, for the second week in a row, we'll do some brief hits on a variety of topics.

1) Despite everything, this remains a close race -- and not just in the national polls. New Quinnipiac survey of battleground states shows McCain doing very well. Usual caveats apply: This is a fluid situation; this doesn't include -- one way or the other -- impact of Obama's trip overseas and subsequent rhetoric on the surge, etc...Still, as of July 24, there is no reason to think that this will be anything other than another close election.

2) No, this is not a knee-jerk defense of my Newscorp corporate "cousin." However, I think Nas' outrage over Fox and its supposedly insulting depiction of black people would have had greater resonance coming from someone who didn't get into a snit-fit with his company because of the negative reaction associated with the original name for his latest album, which was "Nigger." Of course, this might have something to do with his -- who has previously sparred with Ludacris.

3) The battle between the White House and congressional Republicans over who can throw whom under the bus earliest and most-est -- begins in earnest.

4) Let's be clear: This McCain ad on oil drilling is very dumb. Blaming Obama for $4 gas prices just doesn't work. However, the broader issue -- Democrats seeming to want to block all exploration of domestic sources of oil -- may well be the sleeper issue of the year. Whether it's oil drilling (off-shore or ANWR) or nuclear power, if Democrats collectively (or Obama individually) doesn't figure out a way to finesse this issue, they will be giving McCain a great issue with which to run.

5) One major reason why black men of a certain age, class and verbal acuity -- regardless of their political beliefs -- have a warm spot for Barack Obama: After two decades where most black role models are either sports figures or rappers (see above), having Obama become president is like Revenge of the Nerds, Pt. VI for those articulate, eloquent brothers out there.

KnowhatI'msayin', G?

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