Monday, July 07, 2008


Weekend Wrap-Up

After battling the flu for a couple of days, I'm going to have to do a little hit-and-run compendium today of stuff that occurred over the weekend:

1) Sen. Jesse Helms departs this mortal coil. Yes, he was a powerful, principled, conservative senator. He was also a hardcore segregationist early in his life and did little to achieve racial "enlightenment" over the years. Contrary to my friend, John Miller's view, the "particular vision" of civil rights that Helms opposed included interracial marriage. Of course with his death now, if Barack Obama becomes president, Helms can actually roll over in his grave.

2) Without a doubt, the greatest tennis match I've ever seen, eclipsing the 1980 Borg-McEnroe classic. Nadal running down shots he had no business getting to; Federer seemingly knocked out early, only to keep coming back; Nadal doing a mini-choke during the fourth set tiebreaker. On and on, back and forth. Absolutely stunning tennis.

3) A well-played Serena-Venus match on Saturday; it was good to see Venus win again. Even better, this wasn't one of those tentative mistake-prone matches that often occur between the sisters.

4) The New York Yankees would have been much better off not resigning A-Rod. He is a walking soap-opera, of which this divorce/Madonna/Kabballah mess is a perfect example. Derek Jeter has had more than a few attractive celebrity girlfriends in the dozen years he's played in New York. He's dated -- among others -- Vanessa Minillo, Mariah Carey and Jordana Brewster. But, proving that there is a difference between a ladies man and a cad, when Jeter is mentioned in the tabloids (including the Post's "Page Six"), it's never done in a way that is embarrassing to the Yankees. The married A-Rod, on the other hand, has been with the team four years and he's been caught hitting Toronto strip clubs with "busty blondes" -- and now apparently, his flagrant infidelity has caused his wife to walk out on him. This tawdry divorce will play out for months to come.

Just what the Bombers need.

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