Monday, August 25, 2008


Clinton Double-Speak

Gosh, it's difficult living in the Clinton Universe (because, after all, it is their universe -- we just live in it).

It's impossible for the Clinton gang to let this primary go -- while continually complaining about the Obama campaign's behavior and the media's biases. Here's a great example: 1) You have Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell complaining about how much the media was for Obama. "Absolutely embarrassing," he whined.

2) Another big-state Clinton-supporting governor -- Ohio's Ted Strickland -- uses almost the exact same language to complain about media coverage.

3) Clinton moneyraiser Terry McAuliffe tells the Obama campaign to stop whining -- about the Clintons: "You're nominated to be president. It's your campaign. At some point, quit talking about the Clintons and move on."

4) And what will McAuliffe and other Clinton supporters be doing when their party's nominee is giving his acceptance speech? Long gone from Denver, of course. Think about this: McAuliffe is a former chairman of the Democratic Party -- and he's leaving without hearing his nominee give his acceptance speech. And, yeah, the historical nature of the first African-American becoming the official nominee might be worth sticking around for, as well.

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