Thursday, August 07, 2008


Thursday Round-Up

This started out as a quick way to pound out a post the last couple weeks ago when I was doing extra work for the day job. But, I kind of like the idea of doing a handful of quickies (keep your minds out of the gutter):

1) Yep, it's still about them -- Bill and Hill. Still aggrieved over Obama's taking the nomination. Of the two, Bill is having the hardest time getting over it:
Not helping is the fact that Obama has yet to follow up on the tentative dinner plans he and Bill Clinton made at the end of the primary season. "It's personal with him, in terms of his own legacy," says a friend of Bill Clinton's. "And the race stuff really left a bad taste in his mouth."

Ironic, given that it wasn't that long ago that dinner (pizza) plans with Monica Lewinsky ended up leaving a bad taste in her mouth.

2) Ah, just what we need -- a Marion Barry for the 21st century (well, without the crack). Ladies and gentlemen, Kwame Kilpatrick.

3) John McCain: Against "inflation" before he was for it. Let's hope the "pressure" isn't getting to him. Of course, it can be difficult to guage these things. Whole thing seems pretty tired to me.

4) The Village Voice's Wayne Barrett identifies the hidden culprit in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac meltdown. And no, it's not a Republican -- or anyone in the Bush administration.

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