Saturday, September 27, 2008


Balin’ on Palin?

Hard to believe that Katie Couric – of all people – would turn out to be the one to deliver what might be mortal blows to Sarah Palin.

However, given what several Republicans and conservatives – onetime supporters of Palin are saying after the Couric interview –
that appears to be the case. Most notably:

Kathleen Parker at

Kathryn Jean Lopez at
National Review Online (admittedly the most sympathetic to Palin).

Rich Lowry,
also at NRO.

Rod Dreher at

Ross Douthat at
The Atlantic. In fairness, Ross also links to a surprisingly sympathetic New Republic post that puts the blame at the McCain campaign handlers for “overcoaching” her.

It is also pretty significant that John McCain had so little confidence in the woman he called his “maverick partner” during the debate – that he didn’t even want her available as a surrogate to help provide post-debate spin. Some “partner.” On the other hand, Joe Biden had significant time on both CNN and Fox News (my hotel didn’t carry MSNBC).

Whether the problem is Palin herself or the McCain team’s “control freak” management, the effect is the same – a nomination that seems to have backfired on the candidate.

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