Thursday, September 18, 2008


Fair Question...

Andrew Sullivan links to Tuesday's New York Times which notes:
At its core, the current crisis stems from two problems. Regulators, starting with Alan Greenspan, assumed that a real estate bubble couldn’t happen and that Wall Street could largely police itself. And households, struggling with incomes that haven’t kept up with inflation in recent years, said yes when those lightly regulated banks offered them wishful-thinking loans. No bailout can solve either problem.
I agree with that basic assessment.

However, the prominence of Alan Greenspan's role, of course, raises a question that hasn't been asked enough (if at all) among media watchdogs. Instead, a liberal blogger had to raise it here:
Why is Mrs. Alan Greenspan allowed to anchor the coverage of the financial crisis at the Very Liberal MSNBC, considering the part her spouse played in this mess? Why does she never mention her conflict of interest?
For those who don't know, Mrs. Alan Greenspan goes by the name of Andrea Mitchell when she reports for NBC and MSNBC (hmmm...since she uses her maiden name, maybe she IS "Ms. NBC").

Whether she should have such a prominent role in reporting this story is for NBC execs to answer. However, offering a disclaimer or two should be a no-brainer on her part.

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