Thursday, September 04, 2008


Quick Palin Thoughts...

posted by David S. Bernstein

I know RAG is gonna have a lot to say about the speech whenever he drags himself home from whatever Irish bar he's in watching the convention; so I don't want to step on his rhetorical toes by writing at length. But I wanted to share a personal observation, as a recovering right wing activist and complete and utter political cynic: I was bowled over by Palin's performance.

Midway through, I wanted to shout at the screen:
"We've got our f*cking party back!"

RAG UPDATE (1:00 pm):  I thank Mr. Bernstein for his insa-reaction. After working late at the office and working on another project earlier this morning, I wasn't able to post my speech reactions.  David's quickie post did the important thing -- provided a spot for Bill, MS/Rawhide, Rodak and the other miscreants in the Comments section  to weigh in (which, of course, is why this blog exists.  Heh. Heh.).  Briefly, my reaction to Sarah Palin is similar to how I felt when she was introduced: She's a great speaker very comfortable in her own skin and on whatever stage in which she appears.  She's a firebrand and "right" on most of the issues. I thought her speech was impressive and she will indeed fulfill the "pitbull" role that VP candidates traditionally do.  However, despite what David said, Sarah Palin actually represents a major step away from what "our party" has actually been.  I'll discuss this further in another extended post later -- and whether this is a step forward or backward.  

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