Friday, October 24, 2008



Kudos to Michelle Malkin as her BS detector went off pretty early yesterday.

She sensed right away that the story of a McCain worker allegedly assaulted by a black supporter of Obama --who supposedly carved a "B" in her face after seeing a campaign sticker on her car -- didn't sound quite right. Sure enough, Ashley Todd confessed Friday afternoon to making the story up.

It's pretty clear that this was a fairly deranged girl acting on her own. The McCain campaign hardly needs the blame for it.

Interestingly, this hoax occurs almost 19 years to the day of the infamous Carol Stuart murder up in Boston. Her husband, Charles, claimed that a black man car-jacked them before shooting the both of them. Anyway, it turned out Stuart killed his wife, then shot himself. When the truth came to light (Stuart's brother turned on him) several months later, Stuart jumped off a bridge, killing himself.

It was this case and the awful Susan Smith kid-drowning case a few years later that inspired the always controversial Paul Mooney to record a track on one of his "Race" comedy album. It was called "1-800-Blame-A-[N-word]." Pretty offensive -- but damn funny!

UPDATE: Sorry, but Andrew Sullivan's wrong here: "McCain also called the hoax-merchant. Is this the kind of judgment you want in a president?" McCain called the day he heard about the incident. Without any other information (like a picture of the woman with the backwards-"B" on her face), why would he assume that this was a hoax? What's wrong with showing some compassion to someone he thought was a legitimate victim of violence?

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