Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Politics of Sports...

Long-time reader ERA writes: "The Philadelphia Philles winning the World Series preceded the beginning of the Reagan Era in 1980. Does the Phillies not winning the WS again until 2008 provide a bookend to part of history or portend the beginning of a new Era? Both?"

Thoughts to ponder.

Here's another: The corollary to this is that -- as I believe I mentioned once before, after discovering a few years ago -- the New York Yankees, in the George Steinbrenner era, have never won the World Series with a Republican in the White House. In the Bush era, they made it twice, but lost both times.

So, though it's hardly a surprise that New York will vote for Barack Obama this year, Yankee fans have even a stronger reason to see him win. In fairness though, having a Democrat in the White House doesn't mean that Yankee problems will be fixed overnight: Bill Clinton took office in January of 1993 -- and the Yankees didn't win the World Series until October, '96.

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