Monday, November 03, 2008


All Over But the Laughing...

Well, if a losing candidate, McCain sure went out in style with his "Saturday Night Live" appearance this weekend:

Best part of the skit -- Cindy McCain modeling "McCain Fine Gold" jewelry.

Oh, and apparently somebody at SNL doesn't like their cable associate Keith Olbermann, given the really vicious parodying of him that Ben Affleck engaged in:

Why will I not be surprised if Olbermann's show doesn't survive much into the Obama presidency?

Finally, this isn't comedy per se, but this bit of foot-in-mouth disease by corpulent Manhattan Rep. Jerrold Nadler is hilarious in its own way. Saying in a public forum that your presidential candidate -- likely winning presidential candidate -- lacks "political courage" is a great way for you (and your district) to become persona non grata in the next administration.

I tell ya, between Nadler, Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton and Charlie Rangel, New York had better hope Chuck Schumer has some pull in an Obama White House. Otherwise, we're screwed.

Tomorrow: My vote.

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