Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Fox's "Powers" That Be?

As most people have heard, Alan Colmes, long-time jousting partner to Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity announced this week that he's leaving Hannity & Colmes after 12 years. Well then, the question arises, who should be Hannity's new partner in crime? TV Newser lists the most likely candidates (feel free to vote if you like -- or care).

My money is on Kirsten Powers (full disclosure: I've known Kirsten for a few years and she writes a semi-regular column for the New York Post). Kirsten is attractive and blonde (two important qualities for Fox -- though Hannity is, obviously, not blond), a smart Democrat (Clinton administration vet), but not a hardcore party-liner (a fact that might turn off some liberals). She leaned toward Hillary during the primaries and often took the media to task for, in her view, sexist coverage (of both HRC and Sarah Palin). The handful of times I've seen her filling in for Colmes, I've thought she puts up a good verbal jousting with Hannity.

Anyway, between Brit Hume retiring and Colmes leaving H&C, it's obvious that Barack Obama is not the only change coming to the political world.

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