Monday, November 24, 2008


Obama's Sells Out The Liberals...

Before election day!!!

Glenn Greenwald is stunned by the outrage on the left at some of Obama's picks. Kirsten PowersSenate Democratic conference. Not even sworn into office yet and Obama seems to be throwing his left-wing overboard.

My gut tells me that it is far too early to make a true judgment about that -- though it is telling that it is the left more troubled by Obama's picks than the centrist Democratic Leadership Council

Of course, the fact that his economic team appears about as centrist as his prospective foreign policy squad, is undoubtedly likely to cause even more agita in the progressive communities.

Obama appears to be focusing on "named quality" in assembling his administration. This is, arguably, a "best and the brightest" group that he has put together. My only concern might be that that was -- on paper -- the perception of George W. Bush's Cabinet when first named: Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, etc., were initially seen as an All-Star squad of foreign policy adults that would keep the ship of state sailing in a calm direction under the untested George W. Bush.

Obviously, things didn't quite work out that way.
expands further on Obama's apparent decision to govern as a moderate -- including keeping Joe Lieberman around in the

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