Thursday, November 13, 2008


An Outcome Both Parties Might Enjoy

Once again, Alaska demonstrates that they do things differently up there -- like apparently only counting ballots on a weekly basis: In any event, with the count back on, Republican convicted felon Sen. Ted Stevens loses his 3,000-vote margin and now trails Democrat Mark Begich by three votes. Still some 90,000 various absentee, provisional and other ballots to go through. The way Alaska is counting, it could be six months before a winner is declared. If it turns out to be Begich, obviously Democrats are happy to get one seat closer to the magic 60. Meanwhile, it also saves the Senate GOP from beginning expulsion proceedings against Stevens.

Line of the day on the Alaska race goes to the Wall St. Journal's James Taranto: "You would think Republicans would want to call attention to this contest, which exemplifies the GOP's inclusiveness: Democrats want felons to vote, sure, but Republicans actually want them to be elected."

UPDATE (11/13/08, 9:45 AM): Begich is now up by 814 votes.

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