Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2008: A Great Year...

...if you were a fan of politics in general, Barack Obama specifically, the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Phillies (yeah, Moose, I'm lookin' at you!) or some combination thereof!

For everyone else, um, maybe not so much!

A year-long recession, the continued intellectual and moral collapse of the Republican Party and the cancellation of my favorite show, "Eli Stone," were a few things that made 2008 disappointing for me. Since I didn't have much money in the stock market, I didn't lose too much. Then again, my 401K is nothing to speak of -- and I mean that literally.

On the other hand, except for my minor vocal chord operation in September, my health has been good. I'm happy to have learned a few days ago that I will be an uncle for the first time come summer 2009. After a brief bit of post-election burnout, I'm feeling rather re-energized as far as posting, pontificating and punning!! There will be some exciting plans to announce around these parts in the early part of the new year -- including a long-overdue site redesign!

I wish all my readers the best for the New Year. Here's hoping for a healthy and fine '09!!!


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