Monday, December 08, 2008


American By Birth

The Supreme Court refuses to hear one of the lawsuits claiming Obama isn't a "natural born citizen" of the United States -- and thus ineligble to be president. Of course, this result actually proves that Roberts & Co. are "in" on the plot to install the Indonesian/Kenyan-born Muslim Arab Manchurian Candidate as the country's 44th president. Such treachery on the high court! The story goes that Clarence Thomas decided not to rock the boat because, well, you know, he's black. Obama also had something on Scalia (something related to his Italian heritage).

How the hell did that crazy-ass lawsuit even get to the Supreme Court so fast? And what will the court do with the other citizenship-challenging lawsuit? Who knows, maybe, six years from now, some White House intern named M'onika will end up testifying before a special prosecutor that she blackmailed Obama into sleeping with her because -- she found his real birth certificate!!!!

Stay tuned.

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