Wednesday, December 31, 2008


You Be Fillin'-in?

Thought I was done for the year, but I couldn't let this pass. While the possibly-illegal shenanigans involving the filling of Barack Obama's US Senate seat can't be topped, New York's trying to hold its with All-Star names like Kennedy, Cuomo and others all vying for Gov. David Paterson's nod to fill Hillary Clinton's about-to-be-vacant Senate seat.

On Thursday, news broke that Paterson is considering just appointing an elder-statesman "caretaker" to occupy the seat until 2010: Then, everyone can jump in without having an unfair advantage of being the incumbent.

I think it's a great idea: Come 2010, let Caroline Kennedy prove that she's got what it takes; let her introduce herself to the people of New York and let them decide if she's got what it takes.

Of course, this raises the question -- who should the "caretaker" be? Former Gov. Mario Cuomo has been mentioned, as has, former President Bill Clinton. Of course, if it's the former, other potential candidates will say that that gives his son Attorney General Andrew Cuomo an advantage because of name-recognition. On the other other hand, if it's Clinton, what would you do if he decides to change his mind and keep the seat? The man's only 62 -- pretty young to be an "elder statesman." And it wouldn't be the first time that he's broken a promise about running/not running. Oh, Bill and Hillary will be sharing the stage with Mayor Bloomberg (who has been pushing for Caroline for the Senate appointment) as the ball drops tonight in Times Square! Hmmm....

Geez, it's beginning to look like 2009 might be almost as much fun as 2008!

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