Saturday, January 10, 2009


Democrat Corruption Watch

In a one-year period: A New York governor has resigned over prostitution; a Detroit mayor has been convicted on perjury and obstruction of justice charges; a New Mexico governor (and brief Cabinet nominee) is under federal investigation on pay-to-play allegations; and an Illinois governor is implicated (and now impeached) over a host of corruption issues.

The latest on the elected Democrat rap sheet: Baltimore's mayor is indicted on 12 counts:

Baltimore Mayor Sheila A. Dixon was charged today with 12 counts of felony theft, perjury, fraud and misconduct in office, becoming the city's first sitting mayor to be criminally indicted.

The case stems in part from at least $15,348 in gifts Dixon allegedly received from her former boyfriend, prominent city developer Ronald H. Lipscomb, while she was City Council president. She also is accused of using as much as $3,400 in gift cards, some donated to her office for distribution to "needy families," to purchase Best Buy electronics and other items for herself and her staff.
Like Detroit's Kwame Kilpatrick, Dixon apparently mixes business with pleasure -- of course, her boyfriend is involved!

I actually believe Barack Obama: He may well be the only honest person in his entire party. What a fun four years he has in front of him!

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