Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yo, Dial It Back, Bro!

Michael Steele is a friend of mine. I've known him for many years. I'm all for his attempt to modernize the Republican Party and do what is necessary to attract younger voters and minorities. 

Mike, this ain't the way to do it -- following idiotic Curtis Sliwa's tortured comments, characterizing Bobby Jindal as the "slumdog millionaire, governor" and giving out some "slum love."  What's next, calling Clarence Thomas his "Ghetto Superstar"?    

Why even pay attention to anything coming out of Sliwa's mouth? The man still wears a jacket/cap combination from 30 years ago, for cripes sake! The Guardian Angels were a great symbol of a late-70's New York that was so out-of-control that a volunteer group arose to augment an undermanned/outgunned police force.  

They haven't been needed in that regard for at least a decade.  

But Sliwa -- who's now in his 50s -- dresses as if nothing has changed.

That aside, Steele has to forget about "dropping" "cool" lingo. Yes, go with your instincts with regard to building the party and working on a cohesive message, but this is one embrace of pop culture that Republicans can do without emulating.  


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