Monday, April 27, 2009


Conservative Crack-up

It's been a pretty busy late-winter and early spring, so I haven't really had much chance to chime in on the relatively under-reported story of the last few months, which is, simply, the mental breakdown of much of the organized political right. When Charles Johnson of the once really out-there Little Green Footballs is becoming a voice of reason against some of his former proteges, you know that things have gotten really bad.

Here's another example: David Weigel reports that Concerned Women of America president Wendy Wright believes that the swine flu emergency was ginned up by the Obama administration to help push through the Kathleen Sebelius nomination to be secretary of health and human services. Conservatives oppose the nomination because of Sebelius' view on abortion. Wright points to speculation "on talk radio" for her views.


What's so absurd about this is that there was a much easier -- and sane -- shot that the right could have taken over preparation on the swine flu epidemic without going into conspiracy theory territory: How about pointing out that there would probably be an HHS secretary if Obama hadn't nominated the ridiculously compromised Tom Daschle in the first place. Because of that rather bone-headed error, the country doesn't have a top health official -- in the middle of what could be a serious world-wide health crisis (unlikely, but it could happen). If one wants to make a partisan jab against Obama, that's the one to make.

No wonder that, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll, the number of self-identifying Republicans is at its lowest level -- 21 percent -- in 26 years.

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