Sunday, May 31, 2009


Playing the Great Half-White Way

As a New Yorker, I must go on record as saying that I have absolutely no problem with the president and the first lady having a "date night" Saturday up here in the Big Apple

Some conservatives have raised objections to the costs of transporting the POTUS plus attached media, etc. -- particularly given the fact that the country's bankrupt, global warming, etc.  

Please. Sure, the president deserves to be rapped a bit on the "carbon footprint" aspect. But consider our last two presidents: Bush would head to Crawford every other weekend -- a further and more expensive travel destination -- and date night for the Clintons usually meant separate cities!

We've got a happy couple in the White House right now. Don't begrudge them a slight perk of office. There are far greater (read "trillions of") reasons to make fiscal noise about. Besides, the president is fulfilling a "campaign promise" -- to Michelle.  Everyone knows that the only campaign promises that get filled are the ones that end up costing the taxpayer something.  

So it goes.     

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